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No matter what your needs, we are the broker for you

- Margo Milman, President

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Firms with 2 or More Attorneys

.....what we can do for you....

We have the experience needed; whether you are planning to expand, change the focus of your practice, or form a new partnership.

  • Approach the best carriers available for your combination of firm size, areas of practice and history.


  • Aggressively Shop the market for the best prices.


  • Search for policy features that are the right fit for your firm.


  • Guide you with experience and confidence through changes


  • Be a resource you can count on as your firm changes, and talk with you about strategies and options as you move forward.

We work for you

If you have questions or want more information call or email today.





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*Not every attorney that applies for coverage may recieve terms; decisions are made at the discretion of the underwriters at each carrier.